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Our Solutions

Maitri offers software and consulting solutions to retail enterprises to help retailers achieve greater efficiencies and success by systematically implementing and harvesting benefits from technology solutions. Here are some typical scenarios

Scenario 1

What my customer wants

I feel we are over stocked but when we need what our customers wants in the store, we are unable to find it.

Solution: With our software solutions, a retailer is able to have a perfect control over the merchandise in the warehouse and the retail outlets, thereby ensuring that they have the right quantity available at the right time at the outlet required.

Even a small measurable change in efficient stocking can make a huge difference in working capital, and hugely affect the profitability of the enterprise.


Customer check out

When our customers shop in the store, they spend hours together on selection, but when it comes to invoicing and check out, they become impatient.


Solution: Our billing solutions have helped retailers improve the check out experience by eliminating errors, increasing speed and efficiency, even when the flow is significant. An efficient check out system unconsciously influences the customer back to the store.


Scenario 2

Scenario 3 

Reach out to my customer

I am keen to reach out to my customer by opening my outlets in their areas, but I am unsure of how to manage the business when I have multiple outlets.

Solutions: Several of the retailers we work with have been able to open their second and subsequent outlets to get closer to their customers, with robust solutions from our software that gives them the right information at all timesWith travel becoming more time consuming in cities, the best way to retain a customer is to be available close to him


Scenario 4

Keeping track of choices

I know my customer when he walks in, but how do I recall his choices over the last visits.

Solution: Our software solutions help the retailer recognize the patterns and choices of the repeat customer at the flick of a button, so to say.The key to a customer’s heart is knowing what he wants when he comes.

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Scenario 5

Back-end drudgery

With disparate Sales, Accounting, e-commerce platforms, there is a great deal of time wasted at the backend in reconciling and generating even the compliance reports on time.

Solution: With our integrated solution covering almost all aspects of retail operation, including interfacing with third-party software, the retailers are able to save time and money by eliminating duplication and implementing balances and checks. An efficient backend does not feel like a burden, but an essential foundation for growth.


Scenario 6

My software solutions are static

I am not able to grow as my software solutions do not grow with me. While at times, I need time to implement certain systems in my operations, at other times, I would like the software to scale up to my needs.

Solution: Several retailers have an ambition to achieve different goals in their retail enterprises. However, they need to cross different milestones, stages, before they can reach their goals. Our solutions have helped several retailers in this process.Not every enterprise is at the same stage of growth. A custom growth path is what works best.


Scenario 7 

How do I analyze my growth over the years

I do have tons of data but it is not of much use as it don’t get meaningful information from it.

Solution: Data is the new oil. And with solutions and consulting from us, the new oil is available to retailers to get to see trends and extrapolate the futureThe cake is incomplete without the icing and the cream.

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We offer solutions to well established as well as start-up retailers for powering their enterprise.

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